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Half-Log Cabins & Homes:

All WHC Timber Frames, Cabins & Homes are Strictly

Constructed to SANS Timber Frame Building Spec.

Depending on Application & Load our Studs are made from (38/50x76mm)-(38/50x114mm)-(38/50x150mm)

All our Walls, Floors & Roofs are Insulated with a minimum

of 75mm Insulation unless spesified by Client.

We fit our Structures on prepared concrete foundation or

Raised Pole foundation with concrete footings 900mm Deep.

When Raised Pole Foundations are used Floors are bolted to Main Bearers, Walls Bolted to Floors & Roofs Bolted to

Stud-Walls with Required Brackets and Hangers.

External Cladings Options:

Half-Logs: (22x98mm)-(32x130mm)

Flat Lapboard: (12x95mm)-(22x132mm)

Shiplap: (15x95mm) Nu-Tec: ( 7,5x158mm)

Internal Cladings Options:

Nu-Tec, Dry-Wall, Timber & PVC.

Flooring Options:

22mm Natural Woods Sanded & Sealed.

18mm Sub-Floor with Laminate, Carpet, Vinyl & Bamboo.

Ceiling Options:

30-50mm Isoboard, 9mm Nu-Tec, Wood & Bamboo.

Doors & Windows Options:

We prefer Aluminium External but will install Timber.

Roofing Options:

Corrugated, IBR, Tiled, Fibre-Thatch & Torch on.

Depending on application full set of Drawings will be Supplied for Council & Municipality Approvals.


Weekender/Holiday Cabins Starts From: R4 000 - R5 500pm²

        Fully Equipped Units Starts From : R5 500 - R7 500pm²

  Fully Equipped Homes Starts From: R7 500 - R 12 000pm²

Depending on Internal Finishes & Roofing Options:

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